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10 Free Things To Do On New Zealand’s South Island

New Zealand’s South Island is often considered one of the most stunning places on earth to visit. Because of its vibrant cities and numerous historical landmarks, however, the North Island attracts much more attention. In fact, the South Island only contains about 23% of the total country’s population! Although it’s sparsely populated, this island offers plenty of gorgeous landmarks, glaciers, mountains, and views to feast your eyes upon. There are also plenty of activities and adventures to partake in as well. The great news about visiting the South Island is that because so many of the attractions are outdoors, they are usually free! Here’s our pick of the top ten free things to do on this breathtaking Kiwi island.

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Walking the plan: Boardwalk between Vila Nova de Gaia and Espinho, Portugal.

My hair is like a birds nest on top of my head. The words are whisked away from my mouth before I even realise I have spoken. But the sun still beats down on me making the wind that’s whipping my skin seem not so bad. It’s late September and I am walking the boardwalk between Vila Nova de Gaia and Espinho in North Portugal and I can see why this area is popular with kite surfers.

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Destinations, Europe, Free Things To Do, Portugal

A Tourist Guide to Braga, Portugal: 10 Free Things To Do in Braga

Braga, for me, is a lesser-known city in Northern Portugal. However, I was surprised to learn that it is, in fact, Portugal’s third-largest city. Braga in Portugal is well known for Pilgrims and for religious reasons. But being in a large city in Portugal does not have to break your bank balance. You can’t go wrong with this tourist guide to Braga which will give you the top 10 free things to see as well as other options and some great tips to make your stay in Braga, Portugal more enjoyable.

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Different Types of Accommodation You’ll Experience During Your Travels

No matter what you do during your days while you’re travelling, you should always make sure of one thing: that you have a comfortable place to put your head down at night. Getting a good night’s rest and recuperation is so vital to enjoying your trip. After all, if you’re tired, your experiences are going to be limited – you’ll end up heading home early or you’ll spend all of your time wondering when you’ll be able to rest your eyes, rather than focusing on what you’re actually doing. So, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with some of the different types of accommodation that will be available to you. Each will prove preferable at a different period for different reasons. So, here’s a brief guide to help you determine which type will be best for you on any given trip!

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Saving Kittens Whilst Travelling In Spain: Tiggers Story

Ahead of me, I could see something stumbling across the road. Unsteady on its feet and squeaking. A tiny tabby kitten, hungry and alone. Or so I thought. I scooped her up and held her tight to soothe her and let her know it was going to be alright. Against a wall lay another kitten, ginger, lying still, limp and completely covered with ants. The were no signs of life until I gave him a gentle nudge. He gasped and fell still again. I brushed away the ants and held him with his sister and tried to give them some water.

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Getting The Best Holiday Deals In Malta To Not Overburden Your Wallet

Nowadays, travelling abroad can get quite pricey, especially if your destination is a sure hit to tons of tourists. Still, a lot of people opt to take a vacation overseas to get that much-needed break from all the hustle and bustle of the city.


While it’s true that travel expenses can soar way beyond your budget, there are simple ways you can do to save money and get the most out of your trip. In Malta, for instance, there are plenty of great holiday deals that will not overburden your wallet. From bundled hotel and flight bookings to discounted food and transportation, there are different ways you can do to stick with your budget effectively. Check out some of them below.

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A Tourist Guide to León, Spain: 10 free things to do in León

León (or spelt Leon for those who can’t find an accent on their keyboards) is a lesser-known city in Northern Spain but is well known by Pilgrims who are walking the Camino Way. I would say it is well worth a visit due to its beautiful architecture and its accessibility to the surrounding national park, the Picos de Europa. As it is less popular than more well-known cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Santander, it is friendlier on your purse strings. However you can’t go wrong with this tourist guide to Leon which will give you the top 10 free things to see as well as other options and some great tips to make your stay in León, Spain more enjoyable.

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