Luzon Island is the largest of all islands in the Philippines. This island is also home to the National Capital Region. Hence, it comes as no surprise that this is the first choice of destination for anyone wishing to explore the Philippines. There are plenty of destinations and attractions to explore in Luzon that would suit your idea of a great travel experience.

Be inspired to explore Luzon through my posts and travel experiences in this island. The highlight of my experience would be rescuing a dog named Echo and spending 6 weeks in the Philippines (rather than pursue my nomadic adventures) to spend time with him. Another travel favourite that I recommend you check out is my visit to the Rice Terraces of Batad. As a UNESCO site, I highly recommend it. I also spent my Christmas in the Philippines, in the province of La Union. Make sure to read that and all other adventures I’ve had!

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Rice Terraces of Batad – Self Guided

Carved out of the hillside by the Ifugao people, it is absolutely amazing to think how such a spectacular place was made from the most basic tools. I’m at the Rice Terraces of Batad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and I am doing this self guided tour.


Without a guide, we made this trip solo, a hard task to do with no signposts and local people less than willing to help (unless of course you hire them as a guide). However, we made it and so can you as I have created directions for you as a gift in ‘Batad – Self guided’ which can be found at the end of this post.

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