South Korea

South Korea has plenty to offer tourists who visit this beautiful country in Asia. I spent some time in South Korea following my journey around the world. Hence, I can say with confidence that I can provide comprehensive tips and share experiences that future visitors to the country could be able to use for their own travel.

Check out my posts under this category to learn about what you can see or do during your visit. I share all kinds of travel ideas from those seeking adventure (hiking the Ulsanbawi Rock), to budget travellers (I share the top free things to do in Seoul), and a taste of culture (I share a guide on the different cultural activities you can try). Whatever type of traveller you may be, you will have plenty to see or do in South Korea. On top of travel ideas and inspiration, I share practical tips for getting around the country.

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A Hitchhiker’s Guide to South Korea

Many cars slowed down to take a look but few had the courage to stop. We were unsure if it was that they couldn’t speak English or if they were just not going that far. Some people did stop but decided not to give us a lift as they were not going to the exact place that we were going. Unable to communicate that they could take us as far as they were going, we had to let them go. If you are in South Korea, you need to read this hitchhiker’s guide to South Korea.

We learnt a lot in the two days of hitchhiking 350 km down the east coast of South Korea. Therefore, I have decided to put together some tips for others planning on hitchhiking in South Korea.

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History in the Changing: Seoul Protests

Whilst in Seoul, South Korea, I witnessed history in the making as millions of people join the Seoul protests and took to the streets. The protested against their president, Park Geun-hye. Imagine a country where they make their voice heard in a peaceful way with a tsunami of candles!

As I stood in the crowd of people, there was no pushing, no acts of violence but masses of people supporting each other. The peaceful Seoul protest was moving and compelling. 

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A Tourist Guide To Seoul, South Korea: 10 Free Things to do.

Travelling on a budget can be difficult at times especially in big cities when there are so many things to do that cost money. Entrance fees and and tours can take a huge chunk out of your travel budget. However in Seoul, we found travelling on a budget wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be. There are plenty of free things to do in Seoul! With cheap public transport getting around was easy; therefore, it was finding things to do within our budget that was needed.


Here are my top ten things to do for free in Seoul, South Korea:

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On The Front Line in DMZ, North Korea

Following orders from the US army, we lined up facing enemy lines, unarmed and with no military training. Our protectors for the day, the Republic of Korea Army (South Korea) and the UN (soldiers from the US Army). The baddies, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Army (North Korea) are not far away, heavily armed, in the building opposite with one standing on guard outside the building, watching us. This is what it was like to visit DMZ, North Korea.

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Culturally Crafty in Seoul

I always feel lucky when I come across a hidden gem of an experience. This happened to me in Seoul when I was wandering around the Gwanhun-dong region. We came across the Templestay Information Centre which was advertising free cultural experiences that lets you be crafty in Seoul.


We thought to ourselves, why not? It’s cold and it looks warm in there. After all, it’s free. Read about my experience about being culturally crafty in Seoul.

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