Europe is a dream destination for many travellers. If you are planning to travel to Europe soon, you might be confused on where to start. This section provides some inspiration that can help you plan your next adventure in this beautiful continent.

While I have been to over 35 European countries but as it takes so much time to write about them all, I have invited a few of my blogging friends to guest post on my blog. You can explore this section to find posts on other notable travel destinations in Europe. You can browse this section to find a post from Diana Chen of MVMT Blog, wherein she discusses her adventure through the Swiss Alps. In this post, she takes you through a journey from Switzerland to Italy. In another guest post from Kate the Great, she shares her time in Antwerp, Belgium. If you are planning to visit Belgium, this post is therefore a must so you can get tips on how to build your travel itinerary.

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One day in Antwerp

(The following is a guest post by Kate the Great, from Elysianmoment blog)


Antwerp, is the second largest city in Belgium and has many proud sights to offer. But you’ve probably heard about this pocket-sized city from the movie “Snatch” or you just have good geographical knowledge. Nevertheless Antwerp is famous for a variety of things like the great painter Rubens, fashion and popular design schools, it’s harbour and last but not least a girl’s best friends, diamonds. Architecture is another aspect that makes this little metropolis so special. Most of the structures were built during the medieval times but you can also discover impressive Art Nouveau creations or even varied modern complexes.

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