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Are you struggling to find inspiration for your next travel? Are you experience a travel burnout? This section highlights some of the most inspirational trips I’ve had to date. You can read this section to find posts that could potentially spark up inspiration for a new destination or inspire you to try new adventures on your next trip.

When I set up this blog, my main goal was to help inspire others to pursue their travel desires and see more of what the world can offer. In this section, I focus on sharing my most inspirational trips to my readers. The travel inspiration that I provide range from cultural explorations to thrill-seeking adventures. There is something for all kinds of travellers to gain inspiration from. If you have ever felt like you lack the inspiration to go out and travel, make sure to read this section of my blog to rekindle that fire.

Inspirational Trips, Lisbon, Portugal

Mountain Biking Sintra with WERIDE, Lisbon Portugal.

As I flew down the hill, I could feel the bike tipping. I felt like I was about to fly over the handlebars. Then suddenly I remember the training I had been given earlier that day. I quickly pressed the button on the handlebars and my seat went down, correcting the centre of gravity. The fear wasn’t needed, I had all the protection gear I needed and was under the close eye of my expert guide. I am mountain biking in Sintra, a beautiful location near Lisbon, Portugal.

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Self Drive Trips: Why life on the road is the best.

For years I have been travelling fast.  Trying to see the highlights of a country in the time that I managed to take off work.  Twenty-five days in Brazil, three weeks in India, Two weeks to travel through Italy etc. Truly believing I was seeing the world.


But now things have changed for me.  After quitting my job at the end of 2016,  I haven’t looked back. Slow travel is my thing,  and even more so, slow travel by road. Not by bus and trains but self-drives are my preference.

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A Whole Year Of Travel And Why I Am Not Homesick.

On the 26th November 2016, I boarded a flight at Manchester Airport. On the 27th November, I landed in Seoul, South Korea. Today marks one year of travel and what a year of travel it has been! One year on and I am at home again. Not to stay but on a visit and to drop off my Camping Car after a summer in Europe before heading once again on a long haul flight.


I was asked by my sister-in-law if I ever got homesick. Well what you are going to read about my year of travel will make you understand why I don’t. With people all over the world welcoming me into their lives and making their house my home. How can I?

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Travel Challenges For Adventurers

Travelling is an adventure in and of itself, but some explorers want a little more from their travels than sitting on a beach for the majority of their holiday. After all, if you work at a desk for 40 hours a week, it makes sense that your idea of a break from work is a chance to stretch your legs and move your body at least a few times while on holiday. So if you’re looking for a holiday where you can get in touch with your inner adrenaline junkie, here are a few things you should consider.


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Mount Tunc Turkey: Sun, Sea, Sand and SNOW!

With each step I take, I sink further and further into the soft snow. Perhaps there is a cavity due to rocks below me but with each step I felt the snow give way a little. I needed to move a little to the left, or perhaps to the right! Either way, I am not going to get very far if I continue like this. I’m hiking up the snow flanked Bronze mountain also known as Mount Tunc, near Antalya, Turkey.


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Trolltunga, Norway: Taking a seat on the Trolls Tongue!

I sat on the edge of the rock with my legs hanging freely in the cool air with a 700 metre drop below. Was I scared of falling? No! But was I able to sit a while and take in the surrounding landscape; the beautiful ice capped mountains and the lake below. No. As I was not sitting on the edge of any rock looking at the amazing view. I was on Trolltunga and there was a queue of at least 20 people eager to get a photo on this iconic rock formation.


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Fes to Marrakesh – To the Sahara Desert and Beyond


We were riding out into the Sahara Desert as the sun was about to set. I clung on for dear life as the vigorous sway of the camel had left me leaning heavily to one side. Moody Mohammad seemed to be in a hurry, to much so to show any type of sympathy to this idiotic girl who couldn’t stay on the camel for just 45 minutes. But who could have blamed him, it’s Ramadan and it’s time to break his fast. With each step he was closer to having a sip of water and some food which he had gone without since sunrise in the 40 degree heat.


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