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10 Free Things To Do In Tours, France

Tours in France is popular not only because it is on the Loire Valley route but also due to its historical attractions. Tours is well known for its good food and wine. However good French food and wine comes at a cost. This is why I have put together these 10 free things to do in Tours France so that you can continue being a budget traveller whilst in this beautiful city.

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10 Free Things To Do In Istanbul

Istanbul, a transcontinental city in both Europe and Asia. Istanbul straddles the Bosphorus Strait resulting in it being part of Eurasia. I have to admit Istanbul surprised me. The first time I went there, I had 10 days free and was keen to explore Istanbul attractions and activities, as well as other areas within that region. I loved the city so much, I stayed there for the full 10 days. We all know that exploring cities can be expensive wherever you are in the world which is why I have put together these 10 free things to do in Istanbul.

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Hiking the Red and Rose Valley in Cappadocia

As I walked along the well worn trail through the valley, my eyes couldn’t help but look around in amazement at all the doorways cut into the rock. Abandoned homes and chapels that once was full of life. I’m hiking the Red and Rose Valley in Cappadocia.


I love exploring new places, climbing into empty spaces, not knowing what amazing things you will find inside. This hike is perfect for this. Exploring the caves and discovering amazing views out over the valley from small windows carved into the rock. Each home is a reminder of this ancient and mysterious time.

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One day in Antwerp

(The following is a guest post by Kate the Great, from Elysianmoment blog)


Antwerp, is the second largest city in Belgium and has many proud sights to offer. But you’ve probably heard about this pocket-sized city from the movie “Snatch” or you just have good geographical knowledge. Nevertheless Antwerp is famous for a variety of things like the great painter Rubens, fashion and popular design schools, it’s harbour and last but not least a girl’s best friends, diamonds. Architecture is another aspect that makes this little metropolis so special. Most of the structures were built during the medieval times but you can also discover impressive Art Nouveau creations or even varied modern complexes.

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Horsing Riding in Lake Garda

Giovanni is a jolly Italian man with a passion for leading horse riding experiences in the Alto Garda Park, Lake Garda.  With years of experience, he started his guiding days at the young age of 18 years taking tourists on walking tours of the area. He then taught himself to ride and borrowed horses to take tourists out into the local area, to show off the beauty of the area he lived in. Now with Scuderia Castello ranch, Giovanni has a well run yard with healthy horses and can offer trips from a few hours in length to week long trips. You can learn more about my experience horse riding in Lake Garda below…

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Trolltunga, Norway: Taking a seat on the Trolls Tongue!

I sat on the edge of the rock with my legs hanging freely in the cool air with a 700 metre drop below. Was I scared of falling? No! But was I able to sit a while and take in the surrounding landscape; the beautiful ice capped mountains and the lake below. No. As I was not sitting on the edge of any rock looking at the amazing view. I was on Trolltunga and there was a queue of at least 20 people eager to get a photo on this iconic rock formation.


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