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A Whole Year Of Travel And Why I Am Not Homesick.

On the 26th November 2016, I boarded a flight at Manchester Airport. On the 27th November, I landed in Seoul, South Korea. Today marks one year of travel and what a year of travel it has been! One year on and I am at home again. Not to stay but on a visit and to drop off my Camping Car after a summer in Europe before heading once again on a long haul flight.


I was asked by my sister-in-law if I ever got homesick. Well what you are going to read about my year of travel will make you understand why I don’t. With people all over the world welcoming me into their lives and making their house my home. How can I?

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History in the Changing: Seoul Protests

Whilst in Seoul, South Korea, I witnessed history in the making as millions of people join the Seoul protests and took to the streets. The protested against their president, Park Geun-hye. Imagine a country where they make their voice heard in a peaceful way with a tsunami of candles!

As I stood in the crowd of people, there was no pushing, no acts of violence but masses of people supporting each other. The peaceful Seoul protest was moving and compelling. 

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A Tourist Guide To Seoul, South Korea: 10 Free Things to do.

Travelling on a budget can be difficult at times especially in big cities when there are so many things to do that cost money. Entrance fees and and tours can take a huge chunk out of your travel budget. However in Seoul, we found travelling on a budget wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be. There are plenty of free things to do in Seoul! With cheap public transport getting around was easy; therefore, it was finding things to do within our budget that was needed.


Here are my top ten things to do for free in Seoul, South Korea:

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Culturally Crafty in Seoul

I always feel lucky when I come across a hidden gem of an experience. This happened to me in Seoul when I was wandering around the Gwanhun-dong region. We came across the Templestay Information Centre which was advertising free cultural experiences that lets you be crafty in Seoul.


We thought to ourselves, why not? It’s cold and it looks warm in there. After all, it’s free. Read about my experience about being culturally crafty in Seoul.

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