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How to Pack Liquids in Hand Luggage: Complete Guide

After perfecting your packing, the other downside of travelling with carry on luggage is in packing liquids in hand luggage. It is a real challenge to pack all the liquids you need into an approximate 20 cm x 20 cm clear plastic bag. The key to this is only take what you know you definitely need, everything else can be purchased at your destination. You will learn everything there is to know on how to pack liquids in hand luggage to make future travels more convenient.


If you don’t travel light then it will involve you playing a game of Tetris in your liquid bag possibly at the front of a queue of angry passengers when you can hear your flight being called for boarding. Stressful and unnecessary.


My handy guide comes from years of experience so you can breeze through security.


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A Tourist Guide To Bordeaux, France: 10 Free Things To Do

Bordeaux is a UNESCO World Heritage Site before it is a city. Why? Because all of the city centre and a lot of its surrounding areas are UNESCO sites. Not only is Bordeaux known for its classical and neo-classical architecture but it is also world famous for its wine. But being in a cultured city such as Bordeaux in France doesn’t need to put you out of pocket. That is why I have found these 10 free things to do whilst you are in Bordeaux on a budget and have put it together as my Bordeaux tourism guide.

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How to Survive Marrakesh

Having been to Morocco 3 times over the past 18 months, it is pretty clear that I love Morocco. Coming from the UK, I can be in Africa, submersed into a whole different culture in just 4 hours. However, my love for Morocco is a little bit more than this. But one city has captured my attention – Marrakesh.

Morocco has it all – sea, city, culture, mountains and desert.

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