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The Best Sight Seeing Tour Of Lisbon: We Hate Tourism Tours

I love seeing a city in a way that is different to how most other tourists see it. This might be because I don’t like to identify as a tourist or perhaps I like to think I am not one of those people who follow the crowd . . . I am not sure. So I cannot help but be blown away by a tour of Lisbon, Portugal that I have taken with We Hate Tourism Tours. As the name states, they hate tourism tours and wouldn’t dream of taking you on ‘that’ type of tour.


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A Tourist Guide To Coimbra, Portugal: 10 Free Things To Do In Coimbra.

I had never heard of Coimbra, a lesser-known city in central Portugal. However, it has a place in many Portuguese hearts as a place where they studied at its UNESCO World Heritage University. But being in a historic city in Portugal does not have to break your bank balance. You can’t go wrong with this tourist guide to Coimbra which will give you the top 10 free things to see as well as other options and some great tips to make your stay in Coimbra, Portugal more enjoyable.

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Santander Lighthouse: The Cabo Mayor Lighthouse

As I sit on the edge of the cliff top, I gaze out at the sea. The fresh sea air blowing my hair in the wind. This is a spot of many a life lost. An eerie history where Falangists where thrown over the cliffs by Republicans as well as boats tricked into crashing onto these cliffs by wreckers. But this is also one of the nicest viewpoints over the Bay of Santander and the home of The Cabo Mayor Lighthouse (Santander Lighthouse).

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Taking the Pilgrimage to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in Spain

As the waves crashed against the bridge connecting the little church on the rocks, to the mainland, my mind could imagine how the pilgrims coming to this place would feel edging their way here in a storm. How the many lives that have been lost at sea around this treacherous coast. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in Spain used to be just know well known amongst pilgrims but now it is the most well known due to the tv series, Game of Thrones. This hermitage, on the small island which you can access via a man-made bridge is historically known as an important fortress in battles and against pirate attacks.

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Why you should visit Pornic in France – A travel guide

The beautiful town of Pornic in France is just a day trip away from Nantes. Being just an hour’s drive away, you would be crazy not to take the opportunity to visit this very attractive little town. Filled with history from its ancient past, there are plenty of things to do and places to explore. That is why I have come up with this travel guide of Pornic.

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A Whole Year Of Travel And Why I Am Not Homesick.

On the 26th November 2016, I boarded a flight at Manchester Airport. On the 27th November, I landed in Seoul, South Korea. Today marks one year of travel and what a year of travel it has been! One year on and I am at home again. Not to stay but on a visit and to drop off my Camping Car after a summer in Europe before heading once again on a long haul flight.


I was asked by my sister-in-law if I ever got homesick. Well what you are going to read about my year of travel will make you understand why I don’t. With people all over the world welcoming me into their lives and making their house my home. How can I?

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Egirdir Travel Tips: 10 Things to Do in Egirdir, Turkey

Eğirdir (pronounced eh-yer-deer) sits between Lake Eğirdir and Mount Sivri in the highlands of Turkey. This height gives Eğirdir a much cooler climate and is a welcome respite from Anatolia’s heat. Many people think that there is little to do in Egirdir but relax and take in the amazing views. These people are mistaken. Here are my top ten things to do in Eğridir to add to your itinerary:

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Versatile Blogger Award

I am really pleased to announce that I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Diana and Hope from MVMT blog and later by Outside the bubble. MVMT Blog are two sisters who, following their hike of Trolltunga in Norway, decided to share their tips and experiences on travel. You can follow them on their Facebook page, Pinterest and Twitter and I also recommend that you check out their Instagram as they truly have some amazing photos on there.


To accept this blogger award I need to tell you seven things about myself. Then, I will nominate other bloggers whose blogs I love to read so that I can share them with you to showcase their talents. Other than talking about my travels, I find it very difficult to talk about myself. Therefore, I have asked on my Facebook page and these are what you lovely people want to know:



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