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Hiking in Picos de Europa, Spain: PR-PNPE15 Prada

On a warm sunny day in September, what more can you want, than to be sat up on top of the world, with buzzards circling above and eating a cheese and pickle sandwich. Breathing in the cool mountain air whilst looking out over the spectacular view with limestone cliffs, jutting out into the sky, I am sat on the edge of the PR-PNPE15 path in the Picos de Europa, Spain, which literally translates to the peaks of Europe. I can hear the soothing sounds of the cow bells, from the herd down in the valley below.

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Mount Tunc Turkey: Sun, Sea, Sand and SNOW!

With each step I take, I sink further and further into the soft snow. Perhaps there is a cavity due to rocks below me but with each step I felt the snow give way a little. I needed to move a little to the left, or perhaps to the right! Either way, I am not going to get very far if I continue like this. I’m hiking up the snow flanked Bronze mountain also known as Mount Tunc, near Antalya, Turkey.


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