Whilst standing inside a cave, the smell of incense lingers from the Hindu temple to my right. A troop of monkeys linger on the cave wall to my left and the sun seeps into the cave from the hole in the roof. I’m just 13kms from the heart of Kuala Lumpur in the Batu Caves. Inside the Batu Cave is one of the most famous Hindu shrines outside of India.


Batu caves Kuala Lumpur KL Malaysia Things to do hindu shrine


The limestone forming the Batu Caves in Malaysia is suggested to be 400 million years old. The entrances to a few caves were used as shelter by the indigenous Temuan people. Now it shelters flocks of tourists every day from the Kuala Lumpur changeable weather.


Batu caves Kuala Lumpur KL Malaysia Things to do hindu shrine


The 272 concrete steps up to the Batu Caves, KL does nothing to put off all the tourists. The beauty of the Hindu shrine does nothing to put off some of these visitors from dropping their rubbish. The place really was littered. It was so sad to see some of the monkeys chewing on the plastic carrier bags.


Batu caves Kuala Lumpur KL Malaysia Things to do hindu shrine


However once taking some time to let the next influx of crowds pass and taking the time to stand at peace in front of the shrine whilst Hindus hold a service, you could feel the uniqueness of the Batu Caves. The limestone hill also houses a number of other caves and shrines.


Batu caves Kuala Lumpur KL Malaysia Things to do hindu shrine


You can also rock climb here as the Batu Caves have over 160 climbing routes. It is free to do if you have your own equipment.


Since visiting the caves in 2017, the steps up to the Batu caves in Malaysia have been painted making the whole experience a more colourful one. On my return to Kuala Lumpur at the beginning of 2019, I revisited the caves. The litter was a lot less and the photos were even better. Check out the difference in the photos below:



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Tips for Visiting Batu Caves


1/ The caves are free to enter but some of the surrounding caves and shrines vary in price to enter.


2/ Do not enter with food, or if you do, keep an eye out for the monkey who will do a grab and run for anything they fancy.


Batu caves Kuala Lumpur KL Malaysia Things to do hindu shrine


3/ The best way to get to the Batu Caves is by train. It is clearly marked at stations around KL Sentral and costs RM4 for a return. You can also take bus 11/11d from Bangkok Bank terminus or U6 from Titiwangsa.



Exploring the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia by Walkabout Wanderer. Keywords: Batu caves Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Things to do hindu shrine

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