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Work with me travel blogger


Work with me travel blogger


Hi, I’m Kathy the Walkabout Wanderer.

I focus a lot on solo, unique experiences and adventure travel. My readers are predominately based in the UK, USA and  Australia but I have visitors from all over the globe.

“Today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s fish and chip paper”. As we move into an increasingly digital world, consumers are looking to the Internet. Travel blogs will becoming more popular and a perfect place to gain more visitors, customers and consumers.

Here are a few ways you  can take advantage of this by working with me . . .





Struggling to promote your activity, hotel, tour etc.? Why not invite me on FAM/press trip?  


Work with me travel blogger


Please get in contact to discuss an exchange. All posts will detail your company along with an honest review of the exchange. This will be shared on my social media and on this website.


Work with me travel bloggerWork with me travel bloggerWork with me travel bloggerWork with me travel blogger




Perhaps you want to advertise your product. Always happy to give an honest review or give away products to raise awareness of products which identify with my travel style and would interest my readers.


Please email with the subject “Partnership”.


Brand Ambassador


I am actively seeking partnerships. I am also looking for relevant brand ambassadorships or long-term partnerships for promoting your brand across social media channels.


Please contact me at for more information with the subject “Brand Ambassador”.


Guest Posts


Want to spread the news about your travel site? Why not contribute a guest post? This option is only open to independent travel bloggers and not to companies and organisations looking to promote their products and services. I offer guest post space on my site for free to introduce different views and perspective onto my blog as well as covering areas I have not yet been.


Work with me travel blogger


Please contact me at with the subject “Guest Post” with an outline of your blogging ideas for more information.


Featured Bloggers


Are you having problems being noticed? If you are a travel blogger and would like to be featured on the ‘Featured Bloggers’ sidebar then I would be happy to discuss options with you (paid or exchange).


Please email with the subject “Feature Blogger”.


Website designer and social media strategist


I have a website portfolio which has involved copy writing, designing and implementing websites. Please contact me for more information and costings.


I have helped brands build their social media following and promoted their businesses. I can also help you set up and run your Airbnb site.



Please contact me at for more information.