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Kathy is the face behind Walkabout Wanderer. In 2008 she went from package holidays to travelling solo around the world. Having visited over 60 countries, her passion is exploring the road less travelled and being immersed in different cultures.

In 2016, after quitting her job as a nurse she set off on a trip to discover more of the world. She discovered her passion for writing and love helping other people pursue their dreams of travelling. Her solo female adventure travel blog, Walkabout Wanderer was born.

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Slow travel means so much more to me than it used to. Discovering new places, different cultures and really getting to know the local people.



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How to turn the back of a Nissan X-Trail car into a 2 person camping car in just a few hours. And the bonus is that anyone can do this. No frame building or converting the car needed. I believe that this is the best way you can convert a car into a camping vehicle