To be able to travel long-term, and to get paid to do so, would be the dream, right? For anyone thinking of a round-the-world trip, it can be difficult to make the leap to do so, knowing that you won’t be working for that time. However, if you do want to travel the world, then you might be surprised to hear that you can do it, and you can actually do it on a budget.


Simply put, with technology and advances with travel, the world is getting smaller and smaller. More of us are discovering that there is so much more to life than just staying put to where we live. With the rise of travel bloggers and influencers on social media, we can see stunning content from all over the world, all in an effort to fuel our wanderlust. If you have things on your bucket list that you are dying to do, then why not make them a reality? Life is too short, at the end of the day.


All of this inspiration and ideas that we have just makes you want to pack your bags and head out. Money is probably the only thing stopping you. If you want to know how to travel around the world, and so do on a budget, then read on. It would be great to hear what you think.


Travel The World On a Budget


Travel to cheap countries


If you are on a strict budget, as you have lots of places that you want to go to, but a little limited on cash, then you should choose the destinations that you go to wisely. You might really want to see the Monaco Grand Prix or see whales in the Norwegian Fjords, but these are all places that are very expensive. If you don’t want to blow your budget for the day just on one meal, then you should look for some more affordable countries to visit.


A cheaper option could be hiring mopeds in Bali or a motorbike in India. Asia in general is pretty cheap compared to a lot of western countries, and the affordable public transport makes it a great option. Countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam are some of the best places for getting great value for money. You might be surprised to hear that a lot of countries in Central America are good choices for destinations that are friendly on the wallet. Some of the best destinations are Guatemala and El Salvador. Your money can go further in places like these, rather than in North America or Europe.


Find a temporary job abroad


If you plan on being in one location longer than the rest, then working abroad means that you won’t have anything holding you back from going; you can earn when you’re there. You will get to make money at your chosen destination, and then move on once you have saved a little. It isn’t going to be as easy as that necessarily, but if you are able to work abroad, then it is worth looking into. Of course, you may need more than a tourist visa in order to work, so that is a consideration and most likely, an additional cost.


Finding a job itself may be tricky, as a lot of places won’t necessarily want someone who is just temporary. You could do something like a ski season or work as a holiday rep. You could also do your own thing working freelance where you just use your laptop. There are a number of ways to earn online, so that could be a consideration, to do as you travel.


Another consideration that isn’t paid, but a good way to spend time on your travels, is to volunteer. There are a number of volunteering options in a variety of locations. You could look for volunteering in India or volunteering to teach English in schools. There are a number of choices to make. Some volunteering options are just where you turn up on the day, and it doesn’t cost you anything. Some charge a fee, but the fee includes food and accommodation. That could be something that could make it worthwhile, if you’re looking to save on costs.


Travel The World On a Budget


Stay with locals


If you want to cut down your costs, then your accommodation should be something to consider. Lodging is something that can cost the most, as there are usually ways to eat cheaply, and plenty of free things to do. Couchsurfing is something that travelers have done before, in order to get cheap (or even free) accommodation. This concept can make it possible to sleep on sofas or apre beds for very little, all relying on locals. If there are a few of you or a couple of friends, it can be a fun way to travel, and as you don’t stay in many places for more than one night, it means you get to move around a lot.


There are websites that you can use for this kind of thing, so it should definitely be worth looking into. You can get a lot of local knowledge this way too, which is why it can appeal so much. Ask for tips and tricks for the local people you are staying with, and they will have some insider knowledge for things that are a little off the beaten track.


House Sitting


If you want to have low cost accommodation, then have you thought about house sitting before? For people that travel, but want their home looked after, and things like pets and plants taken care of, house sitting is something that you could look into. In exchange for watching their home, keeping it clean, and taking care of things, they offer you the chance to stay there while they are away. You might have to mow the lawn or walk the dog, but that is pretty good going. As it won’t be the same home for the whole time, mix it with some other accommodation, and you’ll be able to reduce your costs in quite a big way.