Sometimes you may travel, either due to work, family or just for personal reasons. However, while at it, staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is still essential. So, you’re in a new location and you don’t know where any fitness facilities are – what do you do?


No problem, it’s time you understand and implement a powerful bodyweight workout that will help you stay fit even when far away from home. To start with, these exercises will be equipment free, so don’t worry about training tools. All you need is your body and gravity, which is free.

Bodyweight Exercises to Stay Fit When You're on the Road

Warm-Up Session


Warming is essential to triggering your muscles and preparing your joints for the various ranges of motion. For your warm-up session, we will go for light cardio workouts.


Exercise 1: High Knees


How It’s Done:
Stand with your back straight and abdominals engaged. Slowly start jogging on the spot for around 15 seconds. Boost your speed and raise your knees as high as you can for the next 45 seconds. Remember to control your breathing.


Exercise 2: Mountain Climbers


How It’s Done:
Get into the plank position. Keep a straight backline and engage your abdominal muscles. Shuffle your feet – as if you are running. Keep going for one minute. Better yet, if you’re very fit, you can do one-minute repeats for 3-5 minutes with 15-second breaks in between.


The Elephant in the Room


You’re warmed up, your heart is racing, and your muscles are now up to the challenge. As discussed earlier, all exercises will be bodyweight workouts.

Bodyweight Exercises to Stay Fit When You're on the Road


Push Ups


Push-ups target your abdominals, shoulders, and arm muscles. A few pointers while doing your push-ups, always remember to keep a straight backline and don’t forget to tighten your abdominal muscles.

How It’s Done:
Get into the plank position. If you can’t, you can support yourself on your knees. Lower your torso as close to the floor as you can and then lift yourself back to the starting position. Aim for an average of 8-12 push-ups per set.
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Burpees are a complete bodyweight workout. One advantage of burpees is that you can also do them as part of your warm-up routine.


How It’s Done:
Ensure you’ve got enough space around you. Stand upright, shift to the squat position, hold onto the floor with your hands and extend your legs back into the plank posture, revert to the squat and jump up as high as you can. Repeat.
Aim for 10-15 repetitions per set.


You can also tweak the movements in your burpee routine by replacing the plank with two squats or, instead of the high jump, do two sideways jumps.


Squats with a High Punch


How It’s Done:
Stand upright with your feet some distance apart. Lower your body to the floor into a sitting position. Hold the posture for a while before lifting yourself and throw a punch into the air – don’t forget to switch your arms. Do 10-15 reps for each set.


So there you have it. Some simple ways you can keep fit whilst travelling by doing these simple steps. Have you got any advice for other people on holiday who want to keep fit? How do you keep up with your exercise regime when traveling? Comment below.