The best way to see the US is to take a road trip. It is hard to appreciate the sheer beauty of the country until you see it from every angle. Only driving through the fly over states can you experience everything this country has to offer. From Boston, to Bricktown to Boulder you’ll experience endless plains, epic rivers, and craggy mountains.


It does take some planning, however, to make sure that the trip is memorable for all the right reasons and not because it devolved into a disaster. In this article, I will go over some tips to make sure you get the most out of your road trip.


Get The Most Out Of Your Cross Country Road Trip


Know the weather


When you are planning your route, make sure you understand the weather in each region for the time of year you plan to be there. If you don’t like humidity, then steer clear of the deep South in the summer. Don’t want to drive in the snow? Then you’d better avoid the Northeast in the winter. And if you plan to drive through the Rockies, then you’ll want to pay close attention to the weather.


Planning your route around the weather will help avoid unpleasant surprises.


Pick a destination


Know where you want to end your trip as it has a lot to do with the route you’ll take. Ending in San Jose, California will take you on a different route than ending in Seattle, Washington, for example. Once you have a destination, then you can plan out your route and make sure that you hit all the points of interest on the way.


Get The Most Out Of Your Cross Country Road Trip


Be good to your car


You’re going to be traveling for thousands of miles on your trip. The better you treat your car along the way, the more likely your car will thank you with a breakdown free trip. Make sure to have all the fluids topped up before you leave. Have your mechanic look for any signs of leaks and that all the gaskets are in good shape.


Have the oil changed and new tires to make sure the engine is running at top condition. Also, try to practice hypermiling to get the best fuel efficiency to save money along the way.

Eat local specialties


One of the biggest reasons to venture outside of your area is to sample the foods that every region is known for. Think you like BBQ? Wait until you’ve tried it in Kansas City or Austin, Texas! Do you love a good po’ boy sandwich? You will never be able to eat another outside of New Orleans.


Don’t be afraid to try some odd foods that people in a certain area love that may seem strange to you where you’re from.


Get The Most Out Of Your Cross Country Road Trip


Go to National Parks


One of the biggest gifts we have in the US is the National Park system. You can walk the Freedom Trail in Boston or hike the Grand Tetons to really see how varied the landscape and cultures are in the US. The National Parks are a national treasure.