As human beings, we are getting more and more enthusiastic about instant everything, due to
our societal training. This is why air travel has become so popular: it allegedly offers “fast, safe”
travel that promises to get us from A to B in the fastest way. But does it really?


Perhaps airplanes are your go-to travel option because you are assuming that it’s the best way
to travel. But there are alternatives to flying — ways to get from here to there that might actually
save you time and money, for example, catching an Alameda ferry with your vehicle across a body of water. And then there’s the added pleasure of experiencing more of the actual journey,
and not just the destination. It might be worth tackling some of these flying myths:


Myths About Air Travel It’s Not the Best Way


Myth #1: Flying Costs Less

Gosh, those budget airline prices are good and seem quite alluring for those travelling on a
budget! Or are they? After clicking for your life all the way to the last payout screen, you’ll notice
the price has at least doubled or tripled since the original quote. There are fuel surcharges,
airport taxes, luggage check-in fees, and the pricey food and drink you may have added for
onboard consumption. You’d like a coffee before your flight at the airport? Well, prepare to pay
heavily. This is where budget airlines make their money. They also take loads of cash off you in
penalties for being even slightly overweight with your luggage.


Myths About Air Travel It’s Not the Best Way


Myth #2: Flying Is Faster


In terms of actual time in the air, but start adding up the hours of how long it takes to travel to
and from airports on both sides and you will be surprised. Now add in how long in advance you
should be there and much time goes by while waiting in security and check-in queues. Also
staring for long periods of time at luggage conveyor belts, while hoping with all your heart that
your luggage also made it. It’s all just very unfun, even when there are no complications.


Myths About Air Travel It’s Not the Best Way


Myth #3: Flying Is Better for You

The world is changing fast, and while this might have been true years ago, there are other
factors to take into consideration these days, besides the statistical “chances of an accident”.
We have a new enemy these days in the form of coronavirus, and your chances of contracting it
are much higher on a plane. The inside is carpeted all over which is a great place for all kinds of
bacteria, viruses, fungi, and moulds to grow. On top of that, everybody breathes recycled air
from everybody else. If just one person is ill, it can spread rapidly to the hundreds on board.


Even if you fight off everyone else’s illnesses, there are still risks to your health in the form of
circulation issues, thrombosis, physical discomfort, and cramps amongst others. Yanking your
body across time zones can’t really be a good thing either and jetlag is not fun.


Myths About Air Travel It’s Not the Best Way


Why not leave the jetlag behind; and rather take a deeper look into other modes of transport
such as trains or take your car on a ferry. Guaranteed you will have more interesting travel
stories, as you will see so much more along the way. Isn’t the actual journey supposed to be a
part of the travel experience?