There have been a lot of reports in the media about Ryanair splitting up passengers who do not pay for an upgrade. This is my recent experience.


I have flown Ryanair many times, and although I am ranting away about them, I will most likely fly with them again. Why? Because they are a budget airline and I am a budget traveller. I like cheap flights to great places. I love a great deal, and if you know how to handle them properly, Ryanair will give you just that . . .cheap flights.

It is only recently I realised something. Previously when I have been travelling with a companion, I always ended up sitting separately. Luckily, as a regular solo traveller, I have never been tempted to upgrade to seat together. I can handle a 3 hour flight alone, but others might not be like me. Imagine how much money Ryanair collects each flight.


Ryanair puts people in middle seat scam


Then I noticed a pattern. The middle seat. The worst seat on the plane (apart from that one next to the toilet). I hate the middle seat. Sandwiched between two strangers. Unable to look out the window, or along the walkaway, the only place to stare is at the head in front of you. You do not have an armrest to yourself and and might accidentally fall asleep on a stranger’s shoulder. So imagine my surprise when I walked onto a practically empty flight and I had the middle seat. Hmmmmm.


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Then when I checked in for the return leg home, I once again had the middle seat. When I boarded the plane, I had a good look around. A lot of people were sat in a middle seat with two empty seats next to them. Many couples were talking through the gaps on the seat, and guess what, when the flight took off and the seat belt signs switched off. They all moved to sit next to each other.


Ryanair puts people in middle seat scam


Each one of them had been put in that middle seat, so that they would hopefully purchase the add on. Their trick would hopefully line Ryanair’s pockets with your money. I even noticed that Ryanair kindly wrote in words that I was going to have the middle seat rather than counting on me working out that B and E on their flights were the middle seats.


Ryanair puts people in middle seat scam


This makes me wonder that perhaps on the fuller flights I have travelled on, have they purposely sat people apart, even when they check in as soon as check-in open? How long have they been doing this? And if they are doing this, what else are they doing to grab our money?


Ryanair, I have clocked you!


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