Travelling can really play havoc on sleep. There’s the shift in time zones to consider as well as the high probability that you will have to travel through the night which could completely ruin your routine. You really want to be on your best, though when travelling and tiredness just isn’t an option. Luckily, with a bit of forethought and planning, you can improve your sleep quality while travelling, leaving you free to enjoy your trip. Have a read through our top tips and you will feel amazing throughout your travels.


1. Get some sun


Serotonin is a hormone that is important when it comes to sleep because it paves the way for melatonin production, which is a sleep hormone. The best way to boost your serotonin levels is to get out in the sunlight. In particular morning sunlight is thought to be better when it comes to stimulating this essential hormone. Find out more about the benefits of serotonin online.


Improve Your Sleep Quality While Travelling


2. Be careful with caffeine


It can be tempting, especially when you are suffering from jet lag, to reach for caffeine to prop you up and help you get through the day. You do have to be mindful, however, because caffeine is a stimulant that could keep you awake when you actually want to be sleeping. If you consume too much, it could be that you end up in a cycle where you can’t fall asleep when you want to be and end up consuming even more to get you through the next day. Take a look at our blog post considering how to deal with jet lag for some tips to get you through.


3. Control your stress


Stress produces hormones that can stop you from falling asleep peacefully. Make adequate plans for all your travels to avoid stress as much as possible. Make sure, for instance, that you turn up to the airport in plenty of time and that you have sufficient time to make changes if you need to do throughout your travels. You should also make sure that your mattresses are comfortable where you are sleeping if possible in order to prevent stress.See here for advice about the type of mattress that would work best for you.


Improve Your Sleep Quality While Travelling


4. Design a morning & night-time routine


Try to keep to your usual morning and bedtime routine if possible. Routines are so important when it comes to falling and staying asleep because they make sure that your brain knows exactly what it is supposed to do at all times. You can find some ideas for routines that can benefit sleep online. Many of which would still work when travelling.


5. Ban electronics from bed


It’s tempting to scroll through your phone while in bed, especially when you are travelling because the bed is often the most comfortable place to sit. Try and avoid it at all times, though. Electronic devices keep our brains awake and can stop us from falling asleep naturally. Make sure you pack a good book or two, these are perfect for helping you switch off at night.