While planning the perfect golf trip is quite a bit different from planning any other kind of trip as philosophy and intent are as important as your game. A golf vacation in Pinehurst would surely no disappoint as the village boasts some of the most alluring golf histories in the region. While knowing where to go is absolutely essential for a memorable time, the endless choices may make deciding on a destination quite challenging. However, once you have settled on a location that’s perfect for you and your group of friends, these top tips will ensure your golf vacation is one that raises the stakes.


First Class Where Possible

It is really no secret that golf is one of the most sophisticated games out there, which means that on the top of your priority list should be luxury where possible. Even though there are a few ways you can cheap out without your friends taking note, you should consider that the small investment of going first class will surely enhance everyone’s experience. Travelling is style will surely make the goal of enjoying the game that much more exhilarating.


Ultimate Guide To Planning A Memorable Golf Trip


Avoid Over-Scheduling

Even though you may assume you and your friends will be able to see and do everything that your chosen destination has to offer, this would hardly be realistic. What’s more, you should avoid over-scheduling as your itinerary should be as simple as possible for a golf vacation. It would be best to keep things as relaxing and as classy as possible. The point of the holiday would be to enjoy the game with your group of friends rather than explore. However, you may be able to fit in a few other activities without disrupting the balance of golf and relaxation.


Changing The Cliche

Almost every traveller holds the saying “once in a lifetime” dearest to their adventures. Although, this mentality is simply no suitably paired with those who enjoy the game of golf. Rather than aiming to make the trip a once in a lifetime experience, you should confront the challenge as an experience that would be just the beginning of greater things. This ideal would essentially take a lot of the pressure off the responsibility of planning a golf trip and reinstil the excitement.


Ultimate Guide To Planning A Memorable Golf Trip


Embrace The Experience

Stressing the outcome and anticipating the adventure is often overwhelming, which is why you should rather relax and embrace the experience. It would not be wise to bury yourself with concerns that your golfing friends may not be as impressed by your trip as you are. Focusing on the game itself and spending quality time with the friends you bring along is what will make the journey memorable. Including a few golf-related activities and exploring on the odd adventure would be enough considering your confidence in your planning is adequate.


Book In Advance

Regardless of what activities you select and where you choose to venture, it is vital to book everything well in advance. It could be quite disheartening to discover that you are too late to enjoy a particular activity during your stay.