If you have succumbed to the call of the backpack, you may have considered the essentials. But before whizzing off to a brave new world with your trusty passport and foreign money, you may wish to consider those little extra that can make travelling around just a little bit less basic?


Toilet Roll


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The first essential yet most overlooked item. Pop some loo roll in your bag, expressly if you’re looking to travel around Latin America or Asia, where public toilets are notably void of this sacred soak up. While that is in mind, remember to practice your crouching skills, as most public loos are likely to be devoid of seats. Although they may be a little overwhelming to start with, just breathe (preferably not through your nose) and concentrate on the rigorous workout your thighs will be put through.


Baby Wipes


Baby wipes are more than a godsend for new mothers; they are also the go to for all travellers. From wiping down tables, cleaning your hands and face in between stop-offs or merely refreshing your armpits while trekking, they are a utility not to be overlooked.


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If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly option then you can swap baby wipes to reusable cloths. These can be dampened in advance and kept in a resealable bag if you are going somewhere with no toilet facilities.




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If you are thinking of going the dorm or hostel route, make sure you are not the one person who comes back from a days adventuring only to wake everyone by clicking on the main light. Not just useful for avoiding ticking your fellow travellers off, it’s also handy when exploring caves or merely trekking out into the well-covered undergrowth.


Waterproof  Tape


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Not an obvious choice when packing but duct tape can be instrumental when dealing with a flyaway mosquito net or even tears in backpacks.


Baby powder


unthought about items backpacking


This manna from heaven can be used for everything from keeping your hair clean, soothing your skin, and preventing chafing from your backpack.


A Planned Itinerary


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Despite wanting to kick back and run free, you may need a little more help than merely grabbing a lift to the airport. Travelling alone can seem a little scary, yet there are companies whose sole provision is ensuring solo travellers get the support they need. Sites like Just You will offer the security of an itinerary while allowing you the freedom of travelling alone.


MP3 Player


Any smartphone with music-listening capabilities will do here. However you might want to save your battery life of your smart phone for emergencies and navigation which is why I recommend a MP3 player. Long and rickety bus journeys can be a slog. Add your favourite tunes, and it makes any trek a lot more fun. As well as that, music is powerful when it comes to reminding us of certain times or incidents in our lives so will be a fantastic part of recounting those wonderful memories you make while away.


unthought about items backpacking


Some MP3 players also holds written information. Download local information of your chosen destinations before you go and then you have all the information you need at your fingertips. This is especially handy is touching down or pulling up at a new place late at night.


Above all, the key to successful and enjoyable backpacking is smart planning. The freedom that this type of travelling offers is so much more enjoyable when the little things are taken care of first. So plan and go ahead!

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Disclaimer; This post is a collaborative post.