What are you running away from?

This is the question I am regularly asked when I talk about my travels. My reply has always been nothing, I just enjoy travelling. I love my home but I just want to see more of the world.

But on a more recent trip, it occurred to me that maybe they are right. Maybe I am running away and perhaps I need to be more honest about this.


running away


So here is the truth and my reason for going on so many trips. Why I am never here for your short noticed get together or why you have to ask . . . Are you in this country on X date?


I am running away.



running away


I am running away as far as I can from having a sheltered view on the world. Also, I am running from having the closed view of what life should be, and from being narrow minded. I am running free to explore the world, which helps me to see how things are done in other countries so I can learn more and improve myself. I am running to meet more people. I want to know the best possible me.


I want to broaden my mind and learn new things. I’m running from me being told how life should be. I want to be free to work that out for myself.


So in future, when I’m asked β€œwhat are you running from?”


My honest reply is going to be . . . “perhaps from being like you!”


What are your thoughts on this post. Do you get asked similar questions or is there a question that is your bug bearer? Perhaps you disagree with what I’ve said. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or share on social media and tag a friend. Don’t forget to subscribe (its free!) to my blog for fortnightly updates.


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