Packing can be a big stress when you have an upcoming trip, and it’s something that many people put off until the last minute. However, if you want to make your travels more comfortable, you should start planning your packing as soon as possible. Here are five top travel packing tips to make your trip go smoother.


Pick the right luggage.

There are some destinations where you might want to choose a backpack over a suitcase, and this doesn’t only apply to outdoor vacations and camping trips. There are certain countries or cities where the terrain is rough and it’s hard to wheel a suitcase. If you’re staying at budget accommodation that doesn’t have an elevator, you’ll also have to consider how to manoeuvre your luggage up to your room. A backpack also encourages you to pack light!


travel packing tips


Now that we’ve convinced you, what type of backpack is right? For ultimate comfort, get a bag with a hip belt and shoulder straps that are padded. For packing convenience, your backpack should have multiple compartments and an internal frame for structure.


Consider potential security options.

Your luggage should always be as secure as possible. If your bag has double zippers, you should lock them together while travelling.


travel packing tips


Maybe there are items you don’t really need to take with you on your travels but are worried about leaving at home. Have peace of mind and leave some things at a storage facility instead. KeepSafe Storage Perth specialises in providing modern and clean storage solutions at affordable prices, and units can be booked online.


Use a checklist.

A checklist is the ultimate way to ensure you have everything you need for your travels. You can use write one for all the things you need to buy, or just one for everything you’re going to be packing.


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You may think you have everything, but it’s easy to forget the small things. On the other hand, maybe you’re a constant worrier about this kind of thing. Checking everything off a list as you’re packing your bags is the only way to be sure!


Set everything out first.

Laying out everything you plan on taking is the perfect chance to cull what you might realise you don’t actually need or want. Rather than dumping everything into your bag straight away, take a good overall visual look of all of your clothing and other items. You may even discover that you’re missing something!


travel packing tips


Pack with weight distribution in mind.

You may not know, but there are right and wrong ways to pack a bag. Weight distribution is important to consider when you’re going to be carrying around a backpack, and is what keeps you balanced when that backpack starts getting heavier! As a rule of thumb, you should always pack the heaviest items near your spine.


travel packing tips


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