Travel literally means moving from one point to another. How you do this is important. In fact it can shape your whole experience. There are various considerations to take into account, which are shaped around your likes, dislikes and time constraints. Of course, it also depends on where you want to go. Some countries can only be reached by specific means of transport. You also have to consider whats safe or not. This rundown should help you choose what works best for the country and situation you’ll be in on your travel. You’ll be packing in no time.




Train can be a great way to get around. Especially if you’re not held by time constraints or if you have a fear of flying. The whole of Europe and Asia can be travelled via train, linking most of the main cities and tourist hotspots. However, if you wanted to get off the beaten track you may struggle because the train is linear mode of transportation. Prior planning pays off here. There are a few key travel options trains give you too. You’ve likely heard of the Trans-Siberian railroad, a direct example of how the train can fully support you on your travel. Or if you’re feeling flush, the Orient Express could be another way to see a special part of the world.


Travel Transport The Breakdown




Probably the mode of transport which gives you the most freedom. As a start you need to be able to drive so a full driving license is a must. It allows you to pretty much go wherever the roads allow, meaning you can get to some truly stunning places off the beaten track. You may need to fly first and rent a car upon arrival. This can speed up your trip if you’re off on Global Adventure Challenges or if you can’t afford to take your trip at a leisurely place. Maybe you’ve planned everything down to the last detail meaning each hour needs to be accounted for. Cars can really cut down transport time. A word of warning, each country has different motor laws. Don’t take any of them for granted and if you’re set on getting a car there or driving a car to the country, make sure you read the regulations beforehand. It could stop you getting into trouble with the authorities.


Travel Transport The Breakdown




Probably the oldest method of transportation. If you’ve got a fear of flying but need to cross swathes of ocean sometimes a train won’t cut it. You can get berths on merchant ships or passenger ships if you do the research. In certain scenarios boat is the best method to see the best of the locale in any case. Look at the Greek islands, renting a boat and being able to travel between them gives you excessive freedom. The same can be said of the Caribbean. Make sure you’re renting the boat and operator from a regulated company though. You don’t want to end up in a vessel that isn’t seaworthy. Be confident in the water and try a day or two out on a boat before committing for a long time. You may find you get seasick and can write this method of travel off.