People think it’s crazy to live like a nomad. You may have the world as your living room, but essentially you’re homeless. At least that’s how the detractors see it.


Is it so crazy to live life on the road? Or, is it actually crazy to spend a fortune to live in a place like The Flats at Rosemary Square where people spend up to $2,000 a month only to live worse than if they were in the Third World?


Though there are of course downsides to living like this and traveling long term, the benefits outweigh the negatives. At least in my mind. In this article, I will outline the reasons that living as a modern nomad is a great idea for some people.


A learning experience


Traveling in general offers lessons in many different areas of life. Long term travel is like an intensive class compared to short term travel. You learn a ton about yourself when you are on the road indefinitely. Especially if you are traveling solo.


Why It Isn’t Actually Crazy To Travel Long Term


Then you are gaining a completely new perspective when it comes to how the various people of the world live. Sometimes it shows you what could be better in the country where you’re from. Other times it helps you appreciate some things you took for granted.


If you stay in one place long enough or travel in an area where there is one dominant language, like South America, then you also benefit from learning another language in the best way possible. Through immersion.


It can be cheaper than living in your home country


Even when considering travel expenses, you can live for a fraction of the cost as you would in the UK or the US, for example. Rents in other parts of the world are very cheap. You could even buy a place for retirement in some countries that costs less than what you pay for a new car in the US. Food is always cheaper and in most cases fresher. For just a few dollars a day in Asia you can eat like a king.


Why It Isn’t Actually Crazy To Travel Long Term


Though travel expenses are going to be a big part of your budget, you can usually get around very cheaply. Taking buses and trains in much of the world is ridiculously cheap. Budget airlines are also very prevalent and can cost less than city to city bus ticket in the US.


Follow the sun


By traveling long term, you never have to deal with shoveling snow! You can plan out your travel to always be somewhere nearer to the equator during the winter and then head north when it gets warmer.


Why It Isn’t Actually Crazy To Travel Long Term


It’s up to you if you want to deal with the snow. You could even do the opposite if you are a snow lover and stick to the slopes in the winter and then head to the other hemisphere to keep on the fresh powder.


It’s that kind of freedom that is the biggest draw.