Pokemon Please Go!

I have never really understood the craze of Pokemon Go. As my path has never crossed with a Pokemon-goer, it has never mattered to me that much.

Imagine my surprise whilst in the beautiful Frogner Park in Oslo whilst looking at the amazing but slightly strange sculptures, our paths collided!

Sculpture Frogner oslo

There were at least 50-60 people with their heads deep in their phone – standing within the frames of tourist photos. Using their power packs to charge their phones for a game rather than to take lasting memories.


Pokemon tourist

It made me ponder for a moment. Why were they not enjoying this wonderful place? Why were they not enjoying the culture of the city? Why come here at all?

I felt it ruined the atmosphere of touristic places but could I be wrong? So once leaving Norway I had a little Google. Was I missing something?


Pokemon killing

Interestingly I found that places use Pokemon to bring people to their city. It attracts Pokemon tourists. Perhaps Pokemon were helping tourist boards.

I thought further. Once I was a child uninterested in culture. I had been dragged around, sulking, by my parents. I am pretty sure that I would have benefited from an incentive of cartoon characters.


pokemon characters

So either love it or hate it. Pokemon is here to stay . . . until the next craze kicks in.

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