It was an effort to cycle up the hill in the heat of the Indian sun but I knew the reward at the top would be worth it. Watching the sun go down always is worth an effort, but watching the sun go down over the view of Goa from Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Monte, incredible. These are just a few of the highlights during my Cycle Tour of Old Goa.


Cycling bike Cycle Tour Old Goa


Now it may sound like I am on a very tough tour, but to be honest, this is the only strenuous part of the cycle tour by Adventure Breaks. It is a quiet road and a pleasant walk up if you are unable to cycle it. This trip from Panjim to Old Goa , once India’s second largest city is extremely relaxing. With my guide knowing so much about the history of this area, I visited and learnt so much.


Cycling bike Cycle Tour Old Goa


Not only did I see additional things in the Cycle Tour of Old Goa, which my unknowing eyes would have missed like the different paintings on the church walls, some on the cloth from the ships’ sails and others on wooden planks but also I learnt a little more about the Portuguese rule and the impact on the area from this.


Cycling bike Cycle Tour Old Goa


In addition to all the history, I also got to see some of the local wildlife as we cycled across the Linhares Bridge and Causeway which was built in 1633. Surrounded by the wetlands, it is home to so many different species of birds, of which my guide could identify all that we saw.


Cycling bike Cycle Tour Old Goa


The Cycle Tour of Old Goa wasn’t just a sightseeing tour, it was one with a difference. The combination of cycling and the sightseeing made it a lot more enjoyable to me.


Cycling bike Cycle Tour Old Goa


The Cycle Tour of Old Goa was a great way to explore the area, rather than getting transported between the sights. I would really recommend it as a trip especially with Adventure Breaks who provides quality bikes and safety equipment.


Cycling bike Cycle Tour Old Goa



Tips When Taking A Cycle Tour of Old Goa:


1/ The Cycle Tour of Old Goa with Adventure Breaks costs ₹1,870.00 and takes approx 3 hours running between 15:30 to 19:00 hrs. Each tour can take from one to six cyclists.


2/ The tour includes the use of 21-speed geared hybrid/mountain bicycle, a helmet, a visibility vest, mineral water and a guide.


Cycling bike Cycle Tour Old Goa


3/ They recommend you take a camera, sun lotion and sunglasses. Recommended clothing is a tee shirt and shorts OR long-sleeved shirt and long track pants if you get easily sunburned and trainers/sneaker for shoes.


4/ You need to be of an okay fitness level to carry out this tour however you will not be cycling for more than 3 hours. The longest distance cycled is from the start point to Old Goa and back again. If your fitness levels is partially poor then inform Adventure Breaks and they will arrange the starting point to be within Old Goa itself. You need to have the fitness to at least walk up the hill to Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Monte which is the only strenuous part of the tour.


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Disclaimer: I was hosted kindly by Adventure Breaks on this tour but as always my opinions are my own.


I had a great time cycling round Old Goa with Adventure Breaks. Keywords: Walkabout Wanderer, bike, cycle, sight seeing, traveller, travel blog, things to do Goa


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