There is a popular and common misconception that the experience of travel has to be stressful in order to be worthwhile or successful. This strange idea is one which is prevalent for many people, but there is not actually much truth to it. It is easy to see why so many people might assume that travel must be hard, for the simple fact that it often is. But if you approach your travels in the right way, with the right frame of mind, you should be able to keep the stress to a minimum. In this article, we are going to smash the idea that travelling has to be stressful by looking at some simple changes you can make for your next jaunt abroad.


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Sleep Is Your Friend


One of the biggest causes of stress is actually a lack of sleep. Often, this can be the underlying cause of the stress you are experiencing, and not the surface reason which you think is the problem. For this reason, you should aim to try and get as much sleep as you can throughout your travels. This is important beforehand, when you are leading up to travelling and making plans, and equally important during your travels, when you are jet setting around and staying in different kinds of accommodation. Putting some effort into finding the best accommodation such as will also help you to ensure that you are getting all the sleep you really need.


Another big part of getting sleep while travelling is during the actual transit itself. Especially if you are on a long-haul flight in economy class, sleep can sometimes seem like an absolute impossibility. However, with the simple use of a travel pillow and some sleeping pills, you should find that you can get all the sleep you really need. Remember this, get more sleep, and you will be much less stressed throughout your travels, no matter what actually happens.


Making The Unfamiliar Familiar


One of the biggest causes of stress when you are travelling to new locations is that you are in an unfamiliar place full of unfamiliar faces, and you are not sure what you are doing or where to look. No matter how much you might revel in the enjoyment of culture shock, the fact is that this kind of experience is always going to place some stress on the body physically, even if you do not personally feel as though it is a problem. For this reason, you need to try and find a way to make the unfamiliar familiar, which can actually be easier to do than you might think.


No Stress Travels


For a start, it’s worth carrying out some research before you travel, so that you can be as prepared as possible for the culture you are going to be staying in. The more you know about your visiting culture, the more likely it is that you will be able to keep that stress at bay, as you will find it easier to get around and be comfortable while you’re travelling. Essentially, the more comfortable you are, the better, so get to know the culture as well as you can beforehand.


Something which ties into this very well is the issue of communication and conversation. You need to be able to speak to people as easily as possible, so that you don’t have to stress over miscommunications. For that reason, be sure to spend some time before your travels learning at least the basics of the language, so that you can at least deal with this particular area of potential stress.


Staying Clean


There are a lot of things which might get on your nerves, but one which you are likely to find particularly frustrating is not feeling as though you are especially clean during your travels. Staying clean can be hard when you are in transit, and while in a strange country, but if you plan ahead you should be able to make sure that you are keeping as clean as necessary, and so remaining comfortable and happy as well. By carrying some hand sanitiser with you, you can ensure that your hands are at least clean of bacteria – particularly useful for planes and other public transport – and you should also not be afraid to take your own favourite shampoos, conditioners and body wash or soap with you as well. Staying clean will help you to remain calm, so make sure you allow yourself the chance to do so.


No Stress Travels


The Balance Of Packing


When it comes to packing your bags, there is a delicate balance which you need to try and find. On the one hand, you want to make sure that you have taken enough with you so that you don’t need to face the stress of not having something which is essential. But on the other side of this coin, you don’t want to take too much, as having to carry a heavy bag and unpack it can also cause you untold and unnecessary stress. Finding the balance is basically all about being able to plan well. As long as you know exactly what you need, you will be able to pack just the right amount to make sure you get that right. If you are unsure, make sure that you give yourself plenty of time beforehand to know what you really need – and what could probably stay at home. See for more on packing right.


No Stress Travels


Money, Money, Money


It doesn’t matter how wealthy or poor you are – when you are holidaying, you don’t want to overspend on anything if you can help it. Money is always going to be a concern as you travel, and if you are not careful you can end up causing yourself some distinct financial problems as well. Again, it helps to plan ahead so that you know how much money you will actually need in total. But you should also try to keep your spending under budget by not allowing yourself to become too extravagant. Get the balance right, and money shouldn’t cause you too much stress.


So there you have it, how to have stress free travels.Do you find travelling stressful? What are your advice for stress free travel? Comment below. And don’t forget that if you have enjoyed this articles and would like to receive updates of my travels and articles such as this one, then subscribe to my blog (It’s free) for fortnightly emails.


Disclaimer; This post is a collaborative post.