Although, I have only been to five countries in North Africa. I am yet to write about Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

Morocco, is was one of my favourite travel experiences and can offer a wide range of adventures and travel ideas for any type of traveller.

I provide tips on how to survive Marrakesh and also about camping in the desert when travelling from Fes to Marrakesh. If you are seeking more of an adventure, you can also check out my adventurous climb to Mt. Toubkal, which is the highest peak in North Africa. It was a climb that almost beat me. If you are planning to make the climb, don’t forget to read that post in the Africa section of my blog to find out more.  

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How to Survive Marrakesh

Having been to Morocco 3 times over the past 18 months, it is pretty clear that I love Morocco. Coming from the UK, I can be in Africa, submersed into a whole different culture in just 4 hours. However, my love for Morocco is a little bit more than this. But one city has captured my attention – Marrakesh.

Morocco has it all – sea, city, culture, mountains and desert.

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Fes to Marrakesh – To the Sahara Desert and Beyond


We were riding out into the Sahara Desert as the sun was about to set. I clung on for dear life as the vigorous sway of the camel had left me leaning heavily to one side. Moody Mohammad seemed to be in a hurry, to much so to show any type of sympathy to this idiotic girl who couldn’t stay on the camel for just 45 minutes. But who could have blamed him, it’s Ramadan and it’s time to break his fast. With each step he was closer to having a sip of water and some food which he had gone without since sunrise in the 40 degree heat.


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