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Self Drive Trips: Why life on the road is the best.

For years I have been travelling fast.  Trying to see the highlights of a country in the time that I managed to take off work.  Twenty-five days in Brazil, three weeks in India, Two weeks to travel through Italy etc. Truly believing I was seeing the world.


But now things have changed for me.  After quitting my job at the end of 2016,  I haven’t looked back. Slow travel is my thing,  and even more so, slow travel by road. Not by bus and trains but self-drives are my preference.

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The Best Sight Seeing Tour Of Lisbon: We Hate Tourism Tours

I love seeing a city in a way that is different to how most other tourists see it. This might be because I don’t like to identify as a tourist or perhaps I like to think I am not one of those people who follow the crowd . . . I am not sure. So I cannot help but be blown away by a tour of Lisbon, Portugal that I have taken with We Hate Tourism Tours. As the name states, they hate tourism tours and wouldn’t dream of taking you on ‘that’ type of tour.


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Lunch With Friends Lisbon: We Hate Tourism Tours

I stand on the street corner in Lisbon, waiting. A stranger appears and tells me that he is taking me for lunch. Then another appears and another. Soon there is a group of us, all strangers but all going to lunch. Awkward? Possibly – until little miniature bottles of Moscatelito are pulled out to break the ice and we all say cheers to our new friendships.
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A Tourist Guide To Coimbra, Portugal: 10 Free Things To Do In Coimbra.

I had never heard of Coimbra, a lesser-known city in central Portugal. However, it has a place in many Portuguese hearts as a place where they studied at its UNESCO World Heritage University. But being in a historic city in Portugal does not have to break your bank balance. You can’t go wrong with this tourist guide to Coimbra which will give you the top 10 free things to see as well as other options and some great tips to make your stay in Coimbra, Portugal more enjoyable.

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Travelling And Living In My Car In The North of France

France is well known by the English for frogs legs, great wine and garlic snails. But I will most remember France for it being the starting place for my grand Western European Tour. With cheap ferries from Dover, UK, when I had to leave the country in a hurry due to the small print of my travel insurance, I found myself in France armed with a 14 year old Nissan X-trail and a blow up bed.

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Why Travelling Alone Is Awesome!

As daunting as the idea of travelling alone may be – everyone should experience it at least once in their lives. You might think that you’d never have the confidence to set off out into the world alone, but once you’ve taken that first step, you’ll realise how much you control your own destiny.

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A Tourist Guide To Angers, France: 10 Free Things To Do.

The historic city of Angers is in western France. Situated in the Loire Valley it is a popular place to use as a base to explore the surrounding areas. But visiting a city can really tug on your purse strings which is why I have tried and tested these 10 free things to do in Angers, France. It’s just a train ride away from Paris and London; it is well worth visiting even if just to see its Gothic Angevin architecture style. Angers was the fourth city I visited on my grand tour of Europe where I lived and slept in my car.

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A Whole Year Of Travel And Why I Am Not Homesick.

On the 26th November 2016, I boarded a flight at Manchester Airport. On the 27th November, I landed in Seoul, South Korea. Today marks one year of travel and what a year of travel it has been! One year on and I am at home again. Not to stay but on a visit and to drop off my Camping Car after a summer in Europe before heading once again on a long haul flight.


I was asked by my sister-in-law if I ever got homesick. Well what you are going to read about my year of travel will make you understand why I don’t. With people all over the world welcoming me into their lives and making their house my home. How can I?

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How to Prepare Properly for Your 2018 Trip Away

Right now, it might feel like the summer is a long way away but many people are already making plans about where they’re going to spend the most glorious months of the summer in 2018. There’s nothing wrong with getting ready early and being prepared, in fact it’s what more people should be doing right about now. However, those preparations have to involve a little more than finding the best flights,  great accommodation and handing over the money. If you want everything to go to plan and to culminate in an enjoyable and memorable trip, you need to know how to get prepared properly and fully; that’s what we’re going to help you with.

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