As I see more of the world, I also expand my understanding of it. This is my favourite part about travelling. It is more than just about seeing new things – it is a learning and humbling experience. I am lucky enough to be able to pursue my dream to travel the world. You can therefore learn about these learning that I have had through my travel musings.

My travel musings section on the blog is more than just personal reflection. I tried to keep them universal in tone so that all travellers can relate to my experiences. It also touch upon some of the common subjects that digital nomads like myself encounter on a regular basis. Whether it relates to your life as a digital nomad, budget, and if this kind of lifestyle suits you- I cover them all. If you are interested in learning more about the deeper aspects of travelling, make sure to check out this section to read my posts.


Budget Accommodation – Get More for Your Money

For a long time I have been a budget backpacker, but I am now learning that this does not necessarily mean finding the budget accommodation and going with that. There is a lot more to consider; your health, your sanity, your belongings and your comfort.


I have stayed in a lot of different types of accommodation, from the amazing to the worst than you can ever imagine. Therefore, I feel that I am well qualified to be writing this post about why the cheapest is not always the best when you are on a budget.

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5 Myths of Backpacking Travel Busted

There are many different myths of backpacking travel that people still believe and in a lot of cases, gives them reasons to stay out of adventures and new travel experiences.


Let us look at some of those myths of backpacking travel around the world and put them to rest.


(The following is a guest post by Karlis Kikuts,  from Independent Wolf blog)

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Why I Stopped Travelling at the Beginning of my Travels

It’s everyone’s dream to quit your job and travel the world. Right? Well at least it was mine. And this is what I did last year. I set off on my adventures in South Korea and then headed over to the Philippines.
Living the dream! Now I don’t want it to sound like I am not still ‘living the dream’ as I truly am. But there is one reason why I stopped travelling for a while. Stopped me in my track and has kept me from spending even one night away from where I have been calling home in the Philippines for the past 6 weeks.

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Happy New Year – Reflecting on Travels for 2016

As the year of 2016 is over, I thought that this is the perfect opportunity to reflect on my travels for 2016 and what I have been doing. This year has been a great year for me in terms of travel. Not only have I now visited my 62nd country, I also took the massive steps of quitting my job and leaving my home to take a life of a travelling nomad.


So I thought I would write this post about my travels for 2016, where I have been this year, and the photos I took from each place. Shall we get started?

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Versatile Blogger Award

I am really pleased to announce that I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Diana and Hope from MVMT blog and later by Outside the bubble. MVMT Blog are two sisters who, following their hike of Trolltunga in Norway, decided to share their tips and experiences on travel. You can follow them on their Facebook page, Pinterest and Twitter and I also recommend that you check out their Instagram as they truly have some amazing photos on there.


To accept this blogger award I need to tell you seven things about myself. Then, I will nominate other bloggers whose blogs I love to read so that I can share them with you to showcase their talents. Other than talking about my travels, I find it very difficult to talk about myself. Therefore, I have asked on my Facebook page and these are what you lovely people want to know:



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Pokemon Go, Please Go!

I have never really understood the craze of Pokemon Go. As my path has never crossed with a Pokemon-goer, it has never mattered to me that much.

Imagine my surprise whilst in the beautiful Frogner Park in Oslo. It happened whilst I was looking at the amazing but slightly strange sculptures in the park when our paths collided!

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Running Away: Is Travel a Form of Escape?

What are you running away from?

This is the question I am regularly asked when I talk about my travels. My reply has always been nothing, I just enjoy travelling. I love my home but I just want to see more of the world.

But on a more recent trip, it occurred to me that maybe they are right. Maybe I am running away and perhaps I need to be more honest about this.


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15 sure signs you are a traveller!

So you think you’re a traveller? Identify the signs you are a traveller to find out! But what actually differentiates a traveller from a holiday maker? Find all the answers to your questions here…


Many would say you are both technically on a holiday but one is an extended holiday. However below are a few sure signs that I think are there which show you are a real traveller.


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This is something I have been thinking of doing for years and now I have finally done it. To try and make this more appealing and useful, rather than a blog about ‘where I am in the world’ (which to be honest you can see from my Facebook page), I am going to write different types of posts. Each week I am going to give you some tips which will make your travel easier, a post which will inspire you to travel and also just something which may interest you to read and share on social media if you are interested in traveling.


I really hope you enjoy this blog and please leave comments below if there is anything you would like me to write about. I want this blog to inspire YOU to travel, book your next trip and if its something that you have been thinking of doing for a while then to give you a bit of help to make that leap into the unknown.


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