Travel Tips

10 Essential Items Every Backpacker Needs

There are certain things which I really must take on my backpacking trip yet the rest of the time they stay in a box unused . .  . Unloved.


However I would feel lost without them whilst backpacking. I wanted to share these items with you so that you don’t have the same trial and error that I had with these items. So here is my list of items for backpackers.


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5 Myths Busted by a Backpacker

 (The following is a guest post by Karlis Kikuts,  from Independent Wolf blog)


There are many different myths that people still believe and in a lot of cases, gives them reasons to stay out of adventures and new travel experiences.


Let us look at some of those myths about solo backpacking around the world and put them to rest.

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Travel Tips

Hostel Survival Guide

Having over 10 years experience of staying in hostels, I feel that it is a great way of meeting new people as well as having a cheap place to sleep for the night. Some of my stays have been pleasant, others not so. Here I have some tips about making your stay in a hostel dormitory a little more comfortable.

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